About Us:

FMBA is a statewide organization with members throughout the state of Florida. Various FMBA events take place throughout the state on a monthly basis.

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Private/Firm Practice: $100/year

Gov’t/Public Interest: $50/year



To strive to foster a community of legal professionals with the highest standard of integrity and honor, promote the equal administration of justice, and encourage diversity in the legal system


Our Objectives:

  • To organize and represent Muslim attorneys in Florida and to advance the goals, needs and interest thereof;
  • To encourage the entry of Muslim men and women into the legal profession;
  • To assist law student Members in the furtherance of their legal careers and their continued involvement in this Association;
  • To facilitate communication and the sharing of resources among Muslim attorneys, promote education on issues relevant to Muslim attorneys and take all other steps necessary to further the professional development of Muslim attorneys in Florida;
  • To promote Muslim participation in American executive, legislative, and judicial decision-making processes;
  • To improve the position of the Muslim community at large by addressing issues affecting the local and national community about matters affecting the Muslim community, advancing and protecting the rights of Muslims in America, and creating an environment that helps guarantee the full, fair and equal representation of Muslims in American Society.